CBD for dogs

Full Spectrum 150 mg CBD Soft Dog Chews

Full Spectrum 150 mg CBD Soft Dog Chews. $75.00 – each container holds a two month supply.

Made in USA from our proprietary blend of organically grown, full spectrum Kentucky hemp.

Formulated by canine veterinarians and pet nutritionists using only the highest quality protein and food grade ingredients.

Safe, effective, no drug interactions and no adverse side effects.

100% THC free, gluten-free and non-GMO

Osteoarthritis symptoms, hip dysplasia, stiff joints, inflammation, seizures, IBS and gastrointestinal swelling.

Separation, travel and general anxiety caused by thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises.  Naturally calms aggressive and constantly barking dogs.

Youthful vigor, agility, energy and endurance to senior dogs.

Stress-related behavior problems without affecting your pet’s loving personality and joyfulness.

Post-surgery recovery, broken bones and sprains.

Skin disorders, fur, coat and appetite.

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