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Introducing Dude.

My name is Dude and this is my blog…better known as “DUDE’S BLOG”

Well let’s get started.  I’m a Santa Cruz, California dude, born and raised. 

I love catching the waves at Pleasure Point, I’m working up to doing the Maverick one of these days.  I view a successful day as, nabbing the best sets of waves with smooth turns and staying on my board for as long as possible, then meeting up with some of my duuuuudes at the world famous Pleasure Point Pizza… check them out if you haven’t yet. 

These dog day afternoons are pretty gnarly but it takes money to be able to afford this lifestyle.  You can’t live in your parent’s basement forever Dude… I think that’s what mom said…??? “Too much information.”

While waiting for the perfect wave, I started to think about my life and the pressure that I was getting from my mom to get a job and move out of her basement.  What to do?? What to do?? How could I keep this perfect 

lifestyle and get a job but most of all get my mom off my back…?? 

When the most stellar thought came to me… I said to myself, “Dude you’re bitchin’ dude…you could do this, as awesome a surf dude that you are, you still get pretty fin-chopped in an Epic wipeout Dude… “

Suddenly another awesome thought came to me!  “Dude your parents have a CBD company; “Las Nubes Santa Cruz!”… you can ask Mom and Dad to develop some great CBD doggie treats for your pain and discomforts from riding the waves all day.  That’s exactly what I did.

I talked to my parents and asked them if they would develop something to help me take away my aches and pains after riding the waves all day and getting thrashed.   My parents agreed to help me out. They talked to our company’s canine veterinarian and our pet nutritionist. Together they developed a Full Spectrum 150 mg CBD Soft Dog Chews for me.  I’m a small dude so I take 2.5 mg once a day, because the chews are taken by weight. Dudes!…this is epic! I feel stoked like a brand new dude pup and I’m not an old dude but an axe can beat a dude up…

 After awhile I started thinking yet again dude, I do a lot of that while sitting on my board waiting for a bomb…”Dude why not share this awesome stuff with my dudes?”  I started giving it out for free to all my dudes and they loved it! They had the same problem as me. We love to catch some serious air on the waves but we hate getting wiped out.  We end up with achy bodies and become very grumpy, but after taking our Full Spectrum 150 mg CBD Soft Dog Chews we feel awesome again!

Guess what dudes, yes!… another thought!  “ Dude, I thought to myself, maybe you can ask mom and dad to give you this part of the business.  That would take care of having to get a job and solve mom’s problem by getting me out of her basement.  I could introduce these awesome doggie chews and share this great stuff with everyone that loves their pups and wants to help them with their pain and discomforts, whether they’re young or old pups.  Our Full Spectrum 150 mg CBD Soft Dog Chews can help all of your canine dudes. Check us out at our website at: to learn more about our Full Spectrum 150 mg Soft Dog Chews as well as our other CBD products… 

Meanwhile keep riding the wave….

Here is a video with information about CBD for pets:

Surf back in here again to read the latest posts from Dude. 

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